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Q. When should I go for my wig fitting?
A. Our best advice is to come as soon as you are advised you may need to wear one. This gives the best opportunity to match your natural hair with a hair piece is as close to your own in style and colour as possible. It is also the ideal opportunity for you the client to become accustomed to wearing a hair piece with the transition proving easier when you need to wear it full time.

Q. When will my hair begin to fall out?
A. This varies from client to client. It is best to be prepared for this at the start of your first treatment as it can be anytime from day 1 to day13 after you start your first treatment.

Q. How noticeable will it be to others that I'm wearing a wig?
A The quality of wig design today ensures that the only people who will know your wearing a hair piece are those you choose to tell yourself. Escape Hair Loss and Wig Specialists stock only the highest quality of wigs and therefore make this transition as seamless as possible.

Q. How secure will my wig be?
A. All wigs are fitted with adjustment clips or Velcro and are easily adjusted to tighten your hair piece. We also supply self adhesives pieces to secure further for inclement weather conditions.

Q. How authentic will my wig look?
A. A wig is a compromise and it will never be your own hair but we will ensure that you are fitted with one that will be a close to your normal hair as possible.

Q. How long will I need to wear it?
A. This will depend on treatment. Your own hair should start to grow back as soon as you finish your last treatment.

Q. What is the difference between Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs?
A. Synthetic is easy to wear and less expensive. Human hair requires styling and maintenance similar to your natural hair. They prove to be more expensive and also need to be cut by a qualified wig specialist. This process is different from cutting natural live hair.

Q. What is Monofilament?
A. This is the material that is on the top of the inside base of the wig that gives a natural looking skin top. Monofilament comes in single or double layer construction. With a Monofilament top you can change the parting of the style to suit.


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